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The following items, when captured as an image or as a video, as denoted by the image or video icon at the beginning of each line, will get your team 1 point each time you upload them to the Google+ Community page for the event. Don't worry about potential employers or students finding these pictures. It's a private group. At the end of each item's description is a hashtag that needs to go into the caption/description of all uploaded images and videos. This will allow us all to enjoy the pictures during and after the event too.

When you record point items in your team's notebook, list the item for each bar with the hashtag, or at least the part of it that doesn't include "splut." This way you can keep a running tally of your score.

Your team meeting the drinking requirement of the number of people on your team, minus three NEWBAR
A bar patron without a smartphone, with a beer your team purchased him/her ANALOG
Bar patron or staff displaying the Splutschnik hand signal HANDSIGNAL
Your whole team assembled in a bathroom WATERCLOSET
a screenshot of an internet check-in of your team at the current bar ATTENTION WHORE
/ an image with everyone in the frame(must include at least one bar patron or member of staff) making that stupid kissy duck face STUPID DUCKFACE
/ A bar patron who lives more than 1000 miles away, and visual proof thus TRAVELER
a bar patron or member of staff singing a song of his/her choosing. Must be at least ten seconds ARIA
a bar patron or member of staff moving fast enough that they are almost entirely blurred in the frame BLUR
/ A team already in a bar when your team arrives SNIPE
Your captain(or other designated teammate) competing in a challenge against a member of a team that is being sniped CHALLENGE.SNIPE
/ A member of your team, immediately after winning the aforementioned race VICTORY.SNIPE