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Splutschnik Rules Updated for v15.0


Welcome! This is Splutschnik, and it's happened fourteen times before today. For in uninitiated, Splutschnik is a pubcrawl, but it's also a team-based scavenger hunt. Unlike other pubcrawls, your team will have no directions to follow, no matching t-shirts, and no bartenders will be expecting you, except if they've already seen another team. Lower on this page, and at splutschnik.com/points, you'll find a list of items or events for which an uploaded picture will earn your team one point for each picture/video that you upload to the G+ page, with a limit of one occurrence per point, per bar.

You will be sorted into teams by John Kelly, and he will try to make sure that you're on a team with at least one person you know, and your team's captain will have the last word in where your team goes. In addition, your team's captain will be subject(by default) to the more unpleasant competitive aspects of the event.

Everywhere you go today will be on foot. No transit, cabs, hot air balloons, jetpacks, rollerskates, dirigibles, or other non-podiatric locomotion will be allowed. Though if you get a chance to ride a helicopter, you may take that. In addition, please try to take it easy out there. If anyone drinks enough that his/her stomach wisely rejects the voluminous amounts of alcohol they consumed, his/her team will be eliminated from consideration for points and prizes.

All teams will return to John Kelly's apartment at 8:30pm for pizza, beer, reverie, and awarded prizes.

Each point value listed below will earn your team one point when it's uploaded to its corresponding category on the private G+ community for this event, and captioned with #YOURTEAMNAME. Pictures/videos not uploaded and captioned properly, or that are timestamped with a time later than 8:15pm, will not be considered.


The time-honored tradition of the snipe is being watered down this time, as it's gotten far too complex and ineffectual in the past. Your scoresheet says almost everything you need to know, but for posterity, a snipe is defined as the event of one team entering a bar when another team is already there. The team that arrives last gets points.